Life Compass Group is a private Canadian company located in Toronto, Ontario. The organization utilizes neurobiology, cognitive psychology, technology, skills training, personal growth development, and customized career coaching to create our state of the art platform and accountability system.


Our mission is to transform the global workforce by equipping individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure job fit, engagement, workplace environment fit & a detailed long term work-life plan. Our platform will work with people across hundreds of industries globally to solve inefficiency, disengagement, ineptitude, work fatigue, mismanagement, and overall job I’m dissatisfaction.

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The Problem:

There are significant issues currently affecting growth, development, and innovation within the global workplace. The entire society is affected negatively when the workplace is in a state of decline. The current state of the global workforce cannot maximize human capital productivity and drive growth using the existing solutions.

Most of the world’s businesses and organizations fall short in establishing the necessary support, resulting in wasted potential. Unlocking human potential through personal development and focusing on individuals’ innate strengths requires a commitment by both employers and individuals.

The Solution:

Life Compass Group has created a state-of-the-art platform, mobile App & systematic process that aims to reverse the decline in global economic productivity, increase employee engagement, and develop a purpose-driven workforce.

The company will help millions of people worldwide discover who they are, what they are supposed to be doing, and how to do it. Our solution provides the design of a complete work-life long term plan, access to the necessary tools, trained professionals, and resources needed to get it done.

Employers will gain assistance in employee development by Life Compass creating strength-based strategies of assessment, leadership training, and the improvement of organizational culture by shifting it from monetary motivation to one based on purpose.

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