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Our mission is to transform the global workforce by equipping
individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure job fit,
engagement, workplace environment fit & a detailed long-term work-life plan.

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Reasons For Wrong Job Fit

Global Percentages

of Employee Disengagement

Benefits of

Higher Employee Engagement

Strengths-Based Development Benefits

Who We Are

Life Compass Group

is a private Canadian company located in Toronto, Canada. The organization utilizes neurobiology, cognitive psychology, technology, skills training, personal growth development, and customized career coaching to create our state-of-the-art platform and accountability system.

Our platform will work with people across hundreds of industries globally to solve inefficiency, disengagement, ineptitude, work fatigue, mismanagement, and overall job dissatisfaction.

We work with companies & individuals through a customized, strategic process geared towards measurable, and sustainable success.

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