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The Problem:

There are significant issues currently affecting growth, development, and innovation within the global workplace. The entire society is affected negatively when the workplace is in a state of decline. The current state of the global workforce cannot maximize human capital productivity and drive growth using the existing solutions.
Most of the world’s businesses and organizations fall short in establishing the necessary support, resulting in wasted potential. Unlocking human potential through personal development and focusing on individuals’ innate strengths requires a commitment by both employers and individuals.

For Career Individuals

  • Lack of Self Knowledge
    (strengths, weaknesses, ideal work-life preference, Understanding of their unique lifestyle goals)
  • Lack of Knowledge of Purpose
    (career path clarification or discovery)
  • Wrong Job Fit
  • Lack of Engagement
  • No detail career plan
    ( design & long term planning)

For Entrepreneurs

  • Lack of Self Knowledge
    (strengths, weaknesses, ideal work-life, lifestyle goals)
  • Lack of Knowledge of Purpose
    (business type discovery & matching)
  • Wrong Business Fit or Fear to Launch
  • Lack of foundational Business training
  • No detail business-life plan
    ( design & long term planning)

Lack of Self Knowledge

“Answers are not found, they are allowed. The journey of self- awareness and self-creation is the very intent of life. The capability to understand your true nature, expand your consciousness, and know thyself is a birthright.”

Howard Falco, Author

The majority of the workforce and most entrepreneurs know and understand very little about who they are as individuals. This lack of self-knowledge leads to the pursuit of the wrong work-life path. Knowing who you are is the first and most vital step in selecting the right career to pursue or business to start.
The society then suffers from a deeply unhappy, disengaged, and ineffective workforce. There are no personality types more prone to career or entrepreneurial success than any other. One’s work-life success will come from matching their role with their personality and having them work in harmony.

The Solution:

Life Compass Group has created a state-of-the-art platform, mobile App & systematic process that aims to reverse the decline in global economic productivity, increase employee engagement, and develop a purpose-driven workforce.
The company will help millions of people worldwide discover who they are, what they are supposed to be doing, and how to do it. Our solution provides the design of a complete work-life long term plan, access to the necessary tools, trained professionals, and resources needed to get it done.

Employers will gain assistance in employee development by Life Compass creating strength-based strategies of assessment, leadership training, and the improvement of organizational culture by shifting it from monetary motivation to one based on purpose.


When compared with business units in the bottom quartile of engagement, those in the top quartile realize improvements in the following areas:

Our comprehensive combined assessments review several areas to discover or clarify who you truly are in a deeper accurate process.

Aptitude & Cognitive: Aptitude tests measure critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to learn, digest, and apply new information. In essence, the tests seek to assess a person’s general intelligence or brainpower by measuring their mental functions.

Personality: These tests are not setting out to “improve” your personality. Instead, we assist you in developing a deeper understanding of your unique one and to manage your world more in accordance with it.

Conative: You take action using your Conative mind. Your conative mind contains the instincts and innate attributes that define your natural method of operation (MO). When you work in your natural style, you are more productive, more comfortable and more successful.

We identify people’s instinctive strengths, explain them, analyze how they align with tasks and other people, and offer practical solutions for putting them into practice — from doing better in a job, to team performance, to personal relationships.

Skillset: We evaluate your competencies and proficiencies acquired throughout your past working experiences, that are relevant to your future goals.
Entrepreneurial: This test is used to assess your entrepreneurial traits, understanding of everyday challenges and issues, most suitable business size, leadership style, the most complimentary kind of business partner, where you excel and where you need to improve to help make your business soar.

Lifestyle: Clarify your overall ideal life vision which encompasses all 12 areas of your life. Your ideal career or work life is only one of the 12 sections, it’s important to have a clear picture of the entire vision in order to accomplish the individual goals of anyone area completely.

Financial Health: An initial discovery of your current financial situation then followed by a clear direction on the financial path to follow in your job or business and investments to accomplish your unique goals. This includes a comprehensive planning approach that analyzes and explores all aspects of your financial well-Being. Designed around you and your family’s evolving needs.

The one of a kind platform & hub aims to be the most significant global virtual provider of the discovery of self, career path planning, wholesome lifestyle design & the go-to place for the abundant resources to accomplish this.

Our hub will host the largest social network of:

  • Career skills related service providers
  • Accredited schools & institutions
  • Professional service providers for businesses
  • Jobs listings
  • Investors for small & medium size companies
  • Financial institutions & Banks Government grants
  • Global seminars & workshops
  • Toolkits, Books & Courses
  • Financial health education & providers

Professional Review & Planning

We give you access to live private sessions via video with professionals that focus on your unique goals & strengths in order to complete the process of planning and designing your long term work-life vision & goals.
  • Specialist for a live review of the results of your assessment
  • Career or Business Coach sessions to discover or clarify your work-life vision
  • Financial Expert to discover or clarify your financial health goals
  • Industry-Specific expert to give you real-life industry advice & resources

Accountability & Followup

We have an intensive five (5) level accountability system that works in unison with the timelines and milestones in the customized life compass plan to ensure that you have a higher percentage of success in accomplishing your goals.

This includes:

  • Your Personal Accountability buddy for 12 months
  • Weekly Live Video Mentoring Calls
  • Support from a Dedicated Business / Career Coach
  • Video Training Library
  • Membership in our Private Platform that is industry-specific
    (Get professional advice & support by the leaders within your specific industry)

Custom Designed Life Compass Plan

This is the complete customized long term plan for your ideal career or business long work life. This was designed for you with your strengths, passions & ideal life goals at the foundation and forefront. The custom-designed plan & program includes:
  • All assessments that were completed with the detailed reviews from a trained assessment specialist
  • Career plan or Entrepreneurial plan for the next 10 years
  • All the supporting resources necessary to take you from where you are now to
    where you plan to be within the next 10 years.
  • Accountability milestones, timelines, checks and balances that may be needed to accomplish your goals.
  • 12 months access to our Online Video Training Library (How-to-Tutorials, Business Templates, Career-related templates, Skills training, Case studies etc.)
  • Access to our Partners (HR Placements, Franchise sales, Professional business services, financial services, Investment education & opportunities)
  • Funding (Banks, Alternative Funding & Investor Groups etc.)
  • Industry Specific Training and work experience opportunities
  • Institutions & Schools (Country specific)
  • Government Grants, Enterprise Grants & Scholarships (Canada & US)
  • Community Membership (Mastermind groups & Mentorship)

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